Fertility Reflexology

Experiencing fertility issues is extremely emotional, placing great strain on relationships, causing considerable stress. There are many different medical conditions and lifestyle factors that can lead to reproductive issues, which can be equally attributable to both male and female. The remaining cases being due to both partners or unexplained problems. Research shows that stress impacts heavily on male (1) and female (2) fertility and so reducing stress and relaxing couples is as crucial to conception as avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol.

Reflexology has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety (3) and by balancing the bodies hormones and relieving stress, helps you to cope better through this very emotional time. Reflexology works on every system of the body and helps them to work in harmony with each other. It is a relaxing and gentle, non-invasive therapy which can benefit both male and female. Whether you are boosting your general health before trying for a baby, experiencing problems with conception or enhancing assisted fertility, reflexology can support you on your fertility journey.

Ideally both partners should attend, particularly in cases of unexplained fertility issues. Dr Edgar Mocanu, Consultant at the HARI Unit, Dublin, promoted reflexology as a necessity before starting fertility investigations, when he addressed the RIEN Conference in 2006. He recommended that patients and their partners have 12 Reflexology sessions (one weekly) before beginning fertility treatments as it can take around 3 months for changes to the body to affect sperm and egg quality.  Reflexologists report that some clients who attend for reflexology have achieved a pregnancy during this time span. Others have taken slightly longer and for some it has been a time of relaxation, support and less stress before embarking on their fertility journey.

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