Reflexology for Health and Wellbeing

Lifestyles are becoming busier; more pressurised and stress levels are increasing which can affect our health and wellbeing. Chronic, long-term stress can affect many systems in the body and it is thought to be responsible for many physical and mental illnesses.

All sorts of situations cause stress and Roisin has treated clients dealing with a wide range of issues and stressful life events such as bereavement, chronic and painful conditions, terminal illness, insomnia, panic attacks, depression and hormonal imbalances, to name but a few.

Reflexology reduces anxiety, improves mood and sleep, increases wellbeing and brings a greater feeling of ease. By helping these areas you also help the client’s ability to cope with an illness or problem – recent evidence has shown that reflexology can help cancer patients manage their symptoms and perform daily tasks (5). As each person deals with stress in a different way, Roisin tailors the reflexology treatment to suit the client’s individual needs.

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