Postnatal Reflexology

The arrival of an eagerly anticipated baby brings great joy but there are some women who feel overwhelmed by this life changing experience. Lack of sleep and energy, hormones, lactation and baby blues can make establishing new routines seem impossible and take some of the joy out of such a special time. Reflexology can help to increase relaxation, reduce tension and improve sleep and mood. Receiving this boost to your wellbeing will help you to cope better in the early days and beyond.

It is normal to feel emotional and weepy for a short period after the birth of your child, but if this is more severe and lasts longer you may be suffering from anxiety or depression. It is vital to seek medical advice if you are showing signs of anxiety or depression, however once diagnosed, reflexology can help you through this difficult time as research shows that it significantly reduces anxiety (3) and improves your wellbeing.

Please note that reflexology is not a replacement to orthodox maternity care and if you have any concerns about your pregnancy or are suffering from post-natal problems please seek the advice of your GP/midwife before having reflexology.

If you feel you would benefit from receiving reflexology postnatally then contact me here.